Who we are?

PT Siantar Top Tbk was established in 1972. As pioneer in snack industry in East Java, in 1996 Siantar Top is enlisted as public company in Indonesia Stock Exchange. PT Siantar Top is constantly growing and strengthening its position as the most advanced company in snack manufacturing. PT Siantar Top has began spreading its wings and expanding its operation to several countries in Asia, for example in China. PT Siantar Top also continuously upgrading its product quality standard in order to be able to cater all market segments. And due to the high quality standard of its product, its products are also available in overseas market.


To become an advanced company that continuously grows and expands in order to provide a better service.



The success story of PT Siantar Top consists of all the obstacle and inspiring story of someone who is persistent in reaching his dreams. Born in 1953 in Pematang Siantar,North Sumatra; Mr. Shindo Sumidomo grew up in a family with a food business background. Since he was a child he has been very curious in experimenting in creating tasty food. He has done various research and experiments until the idea of starting his own business started.
In 1972, aged 19 Mr. Shindo decided to migrate and stay in Surabaya. Adopting the Chinese saying of “People prefers food, food prefers taste”, he established a household company that specialized in snack. With confident, persistence, innovation and passion, his business grew and in 1987 the company transformed into PT Siantar Top Industri. 2 years later in 1989 he build a new 25.000 sqm factory in Tambak Sawah, Sidoarjo. In 1996 PT Siantar Top was listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange, and changed its name to PT. Siantar Top Tbk.
The company continued expanding, which new factories built in Medan in 1998, 2002 in Bekasi, and the most recent in Makassar in 2011.
PT Siantar Top Tbk is has also been ISO certified for ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 from URS.
PT Siantar Top Tbk has been awarded the Global Brand Developer in 2007, The Best Quality Product of The Year (2013), The Best Manufacturing Company of the Year (2014), and Top Brand for KIDS (2015).
The company is currently expanding an strengthening its position as the top snack manufacturing company but expanding in certain areas in Asia, one of them is China.
Mr. Shindo is confident that strong commitment and hard work will drive the company to be the best in domestic and international market.

  • Enhancing the product innovation by investing in biscuit and wafer products.
  • Increase distribution effort to penetrate wider market
  • Getting close to the market to understand more.
  • Increasing soft skill (integrity and initiative) of human resource department
  • Applying R&D and technology of Japanese and Korean machineries.




Honesty at working environment among the staffs, management, distributors, and consumers in order to protect the company’s good reputation.

To be responsible in the working environment by applying the 6 steps of working spirit, which is simple, neat, clear, accurate, deadline and target completion

A rapport and professional relationship between colleagues, distributors, as well as consumers.


Acting proactive and creative in coming up with ideas to generate opportunities applicable for the growth of the company.

Continuing business development to increase contribution by making use of technology, science, and creativity.

Continuous commitment to enhance the quality of the product, industry, natural resources, and perfecting the operational system with the support from technology.


Produce high quality products with sophisticated technology in compliance with the company‘s policy that puts taste above others (Taste Specialist).

MAssuring the product quality to be within the established standard by applying the correct material from the start to the end of production, all with standardized and secured process.

Observing market share as part of creative process in creating new innovations and making new high quality products to fulfill the market’s demand.


Building a solid company within the staffs, management, distributors, and consumers on the base of respect, trust, honesty, and transparency.

Consistent in development and keeping the presence of the company as the pioneer manufacturer that produces high quality products.

Sustaining and improving the company’s profit, by implementing all the necessary actions in every sectors including enhancing the human resource development.



President Director

Started his career as Marketing Supervisor for UD. Serdang Utara, Medan before moving and became Coordinator for PT. Siantar Tama, Sidoarjo. In 2002 joined PT Siantar Top Tbk as Coordinator for Bekasi and Medan until he holds the position of Operational Director until January 2021, and in February 2022 as President Director


Director of Business and Development

A businessman born in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra who started business as entrepreneur in food industry. He is the Director for the holding company, establishing PT Sari Bumi Alam Indonesia, founder of PT. Sari Tama Tunggal, and founder of PT. Shindo Tiara Tunggal.


Director of Business and Marketing

A professional with vast experience in different industries such as Head of Sales in PT. Delion Citradinamika, National Settlement Manager at Modern Group, GM Marketing and Sales at Maspion Group, Business Director at PT. Shindo Tiara Tunggal and PT. Semestanustra Distrindo, Marketing Director at PT. Platinum Ceramics Industry and Business and Marketing Director at PT. Siantar Top Tbk.


Osbert Kosasih

Osbert Kosasih

Main Commissioner

Started as businessman in contractor in 1977. Then became Director at Fukumura Food Industry until eventually joined PT. Siantar Top Tbk as Corporate Secretary as well as Vice President Director of PT. SHindo Tiara Tunggal and as Main Commissioner of PT Siantar Top Tbk as of 2010.

Juwita Wijaya

Juwita Wijaya


Started her career in accounting department, then the Head of Finance Department, and eventually the Commissioner position until present time.


Independent Audit Committee

Lembaga Profesional

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