International Food and Beverage Exhibition was held by Anuga (Allgemeine Nahrung Genussmitel Austellung) on ​​7 – 11 October 2017 in Cologne, Germany. The event was held in order to promote food and beverage products around the world. This five-day exhibition could invite 165.000 visitors from 198 countries and participated by 7.400 entrepreneurs from 107 countries. Including Indonesia, there were 18 companies joined the exhibition and belongs to Indonesia Pavilion. In addition, PT. Siantar Top as company that produce snacks and biscuits in Indonesia also joined the exhibition. At the exhibition, Siantar Top introduce its superior product such as Twistko, French Fries 2000, Suki, Gemez Enaak, Spix Mie Goreng, Goriorio Vanilla and new products such as Modena Butter Cookies, Modena Cookies.

PT. Siantar Top at Anuga exhibition 2017 was expected to get the market not only in Germany, but also the markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East.